Below is a partial list of the services we provide. Please contact us to discuss our full range of services.

Video Surveillance

We place your subject under surveillance for eight (8) hours, on-site and document all of their physical activities using various recording devices including video and audio (when applicable). We also document their activities in a written report. Our investigators are college educated, well diverse, company trained, full-time employees. We never use subcontractors.

Background Checks

We will conduct a search of various databases for things such as aliases, corporation filings, property a subject may own, relatives, professional licenses they may have, bankruptcies, liens, judgments and many other background related items. We can also do a defined search for criminal and civil judgments.

Activity Check

We will perform a database investigation to verify the subject's critical information before working a case. We use several data sources to obtain as much information on your subject as possible. In addition to these searches, a social security trace of the subject is conducted for the following information: current and prior addresses, a list of all surrounding neighbors, photos of the surrounding area, a search for vehicle information, criminal and civil searches and much more.

Activity Check (In-Field)

This includes all the components as our Activity Check, but we also conduct up to 4 hours of field investigation along with the data searches and a neighborhood canvass.


When a client only has a P.O. Box as the primary address for the subject or vague information related to the subject's address, we will conduct a database search to locate the subject's current physical address.

Witness Statements

We will interview a subject, witnesses and/or other individuals who have some relationship to a case and obtain critical information from these people regarding a file. We will also obtain a photo of the witness or claimant at time of the statement.

Accident Reconstruction

This involves a number of things including taking measurements of the accident scene, as well as taking pictures of the scene and the vehicles involved in the accident. We will also interview witnesses, all law enforcement involved with the accident, and anyone who participated with the file i.e., towing services, auto garages, emergency professionals and others.

Educational Seminars

We are available to train clients and their employees on various topics related to insurance investigations. We can train individuals one-on-one or in a group setting, either at their offices or in another location of their choice at no additional cost to the client.