About Us

McNelis Investigative Services, Inc. is an established, progressive investigative company with the intent of being one of the best and most consistent investigative companies in the Northeast. MIS was started in 2002 by Pat McNelis, who began in the insurance industry in 1995 and also has ten years of experience in the management services industry.

Some advantages in using McNelis Investigative Services, Inc. are that we have the mentality of a national investigative vendor, but deliver our product with a local flair. That means we have the ability to travel to remote locations in a timely and cost effective manner, because we are concentrating on local areas.

Because of our experience, we will properly work the more difficult cases through various techniques including, but not limited to, proper pretext techniques, setup, chase drive. When possible, we follow claimants into buildings, malls, restaurants, etc., to document their activity. And lastly, we have a proven track record of successful investigations and a solid infrastructure built over the years by the management group running our company.

There are three major principles that drive McNelis Investigative Services, Inc., to become a leader in the investigative industry. First, McNelis Investigative Service Inc., will complete your investigative request right the first time. Second, we will do so on time or before the date that you request it completed. Lastly, we will complete your request in the most cost effective manner possible.

In addition, we will take any and all steps necessary to minimize the risk to all of our clients by ensuring that our operatives are fully licensed and insured in all areas that they are providing investigative services.